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Headbourne Worthy Parish Council


Since the flooding of spring 2014, the Parish Council has been working towards improving the village's ability to cope with flood events.  We can never expect to be prepared for every scenario, but we can make some changes to the way in which we address situations that may arise.  Since our flooding is linked to that of Littleton and Kings Worthy, we have been discussing a holistic scheme with representatives from the other parishes as well as City and County Councillors.  An event was held on 6th October to talk through the causes of the most recent flooding, and the potential measures that we can put in place to alleviate some of the impact.

Winchester City Council produced and adopted a Local Area Design Statement for Springvale Road, which identifies design criteria against which planning applications in the area will be assessed. 
The document was adopted as supplementary to the Winchester District Local Plan Review by the Council on 01 February 2007.

Further information is available on local and national planning policy:

Winchester City Council: Local Plan

National Planning Policy Framework