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Petition for Increase in the number of Councillors on the Council

By Belinda Baker, Parish Clerk Headbourne Worthy Parish Council

Wednesday, 2 March 2022


Headbourne Worthy Parish Council Contributor


The Parish Council for Headbourne Worthy also now includes the new housing development of Kings Barton. This increase in the population of the Parish of Headbourne Worthy naturally brings in an increase in responsibilities for the Council. At present there are 7 councillors on the Parish Council but councillors feel that an increase of this number to 12 is necessary in order to be able to share responsibilities fairly.
As a resident of Headbourne Worthy and Kings Barton the Council would be grateful for your support by signing the online petition to ask Winchester City Council to enable more Councillors to serve on the Parish Council of Headbourne Worthy. Please find the link to the petition below
Any data that you give will only be used for the purposes of the petition.

Contact Information

Belinda Baker, Parish Clerk

  • 07770 406607

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