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Drainage improvements for flood alleviation

By Belinda Baker, Parish Clerk Headbourne Worthy Parish Council

Wednesday, 17 February 2021


Headbourne Worthy Parish Council Contributor


Outer Winchester Flood Alleviation- Notification of Drainage Improvements

HCC intend to undertake works over the next few months to improve the drainage on the publicly accessible land in Bedfield Lane, School Lane, Down Farm Lane, Springvale Rd, and Wellhouse Lane. These works are in response to the flooding that occurred in the winter of 2013/14 when exceptional rainfall caused groundwater and surface water flooding of local properties, the highway, and adjoining areas in Headbourne Worthy.

HCC herby give notice that CCTV surveys, jetting and vegetation clearance will be undertaken in the week commencing the 22nd of February in order to clean and verify the condition of culverts in Bedfield Lane and Springvale Road. The work is anticipated to take 2 or 3 days.

The planned works are non-intrusive although some vegetation clearance may be required. In the unlikely event that any damage is caused to a property because of the works, HCC confirms that such damage will be made good.

Further drainage improvements work will follow in the coming months. These works will comprise of:

• Installation of new pipes, catch pits and gullies in Springvale Road and Down Farm Lane to improve connectivity and capacity;

• Enhancement of ditches and culverts in Lovedon Lane and Springvale Road to improve capacity and efficiency; and

• Junction re-alignment between Down Farm Lane and Springvale Road.

The attached letter has been sent by HCC to the effected properties.

Contact Information

Belinda Baker, Parish Clerk

  • 07770 406607

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