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Headbourne Worthy Parish Council

Community Safety Advice

By Jill Judge, Parish Clerk Headbourne Worthy Parish Council

Monday, 6 November 2017


Headbourne Worthy Parish Council Contributor


A group historically known as ‘Nottingham Knockers’ are operating in the Winchester area. They are normally ex-offenders who claim that they are working with a pedlars certificate.  Essentially they work to a gang master who will bring a group to a specific area and drop off.  The individuals then go off selling door to door before getting picked up and taken to another area.  While there are periodically allegations of abusive behaviour by those selling at the door if a householder refuses to buy goods, these incidents are the exception rather than the norm.

The advice is not to open the door to strangers or buy or sell on the doorstep.  If a householder is abused or threatened on their own doorstep then they should be calling the police, 101 or 999 if they feel particularly vulnerable by the intimidating behaviour.

They can also contact Hampshire Trading Standards; 03454 04 05 06


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