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Each January, the Parish Council prepares a budget for the forthcoming financial year.  This is collected through Council Tax.  For 2020/2021 the Parish Council will receive a precept of £22,180.00

Grant Applications

Headbourne Worthy Parish Council allocates a small budget annually for the award of grants to organisations for activities that will be of benefit to the residents of the Parish.  If you would like to apply for a grant for your group, please read the Grant Awarding Policy below, complete the application form, and email or post it to the Clerk.

Grant Received

In March 2017, Headbourne Worthy Parish Council was awarded funds from Winchester City Council's Small Grants Scheme towards the purchase of a LED Projector and Screen.  If you wish to use the equipment for a council or community presentation, please contact the Clerk.

Headbourne Worthy Parish Council Finances